Wayne hails from Durban, South Africa and lived in China for over fourteen years. This website and blog shares details about his time spent there whilst also detailing his current happenings, his comings, and goings and really anything he wishes to write about and make known.

Wayne is an English Teacher by profession. He writes, blogs, takes photographs, loves to cook now and again, does martial arts (particularly Krav Maga and Karate) and does a LOT of reading whether online or offline.

He hopes that visitors to his website will find it interesting, and thought provoking.

Enjoy browsing his website and feel free to leave a comment should you wish to do so.

(If any reader or visitor to this website would like written information (which would include images/pictures or photos & videos) about a particular place or venue in Shenyang, please do not hesitate to contact Wayne.  He will do his best to obtain the information you are seeking…time permitting of course.)