Race Laws: Racism camouflaged to drive race ideology.

(Please note: This article was not written by me and neither do I own it but because it resonates with me and it concerns something close to my heart and that is ‘my’ people, I have shared it or rather Read the rest

We’re All Boers Now: Slow-Motion Genocide In South Africa & What You Can Do About It – Wolf Age.

The drama unfolding in South Africa isn’t just violence against whites, it’s creeping genocide – and elements of the government are involved. Steve McNallen recounts his own experiences in South Africa as he gives us the facts and tells us Read the rest

Gavin McInnes & Loura Southern- Media Refuses To Report On The South African Ethnic Cleansing.

Gavin Miles McInnes (born 17 July 1970) is a Canadian writer, actor and comedian. He is the co-founder of Vice Media and Vice Magazine and host of The Gavin McInnes Show on Compound Media. He is a contributor to Taki’s Read the rest

Misleading article and blatant lies from the South African Press/Media.

Source of image: Maroela Media.co.za

The article at https://www.huffingtonpost.co.za/2018/03/15/south-africas-white-genocide-these-are-the-facts_a_23386613/ posted on the 23/03/2018 and written by a one by Amil Umraw via HuffPost in its first two lines beneath the heading ‘Analysis’ starts off on the wrong foot and claims … Read the rest

The Truth Needs To Be Told Again and Again.

Whilst some parts of the world still pretends to be ignorant and turns a blind eye to what is happening to my people (meaning the white people), thankfully other parts of the world are now waking up to the harsh … Read the rest