Landexpropriation – Naive well meaning liberals responsible for murders.

(Please note: This article was not written by me and neither do I own it but because it resonates with me and it concerns something close to my heart and that is ‘my’ people, I have shared it or rather Read the rest

Terugvoer uit Washington – Julle maak impak!

(Afrikaans Translation)

Ernst Roets gee terugvoer vanuit Washington DC oor sy en Kallie Kriel se besoek aan die VSA namens AfriForum. Die toer het ten doel om steun te werf teen plaasmoorde en teen onteiening sonder vergoeding. Ernst verduidelik dat … Read the rest

Meanwhile we will stay here for a while….

Really now Mr ‘President’? It seems that ama el Presidente chose his words carefully on Twitter knowing full well that his words would be read in the international community. We all know that his words were just a cover up … Read the rest

We’re All Boers Now: Slow-Motion Genocide In South Africa & What You Can Do About It – Wolf Age.

The drama unfolding in South Africa isn’t just violence against whites, it’s creeping genocide – and elements of the government are involved. Steve McNallen recounts his own experiences in South Africa as he gives us the facts and tells us Read the rest