Chuanjiang Community Health Service Centre in Shenyang, China (For Rabies Vaccinations and Related Vaccinations).

Contact Particulars: Reflected on the business card of the above centre. (Images are below this written article). An image has been taken of the card (both sides) for your convenience. It has also been ‘translated’ for your convenience. Courtesy of

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A Visit to Shenshuiwan Park (沈水湾公园/Chénshuǐ wān gōngyuán) in Shenyang.

These are photos I took at a park (Shenshuiwan Park : 沈水湾公园 / Chénshuǐ wān gōngyuán)  in Shenyang.  They had a flower show so I availed myself of the opportunity to take photos of the flowers. More details about the Read the rest