The purpose of this website/blog is six fold:

1.  For the writer to ‘diarize’ what is happening in his part of the world wherever he may be whether they be current or past happenings or events.

2.  For the writer to ‘give voice’ about matters that are important but not only about ‘serious’ matters per se, but to mention things that are interesting and just for general knowledge and entertainment and who knows…some info shared could be life or even ‘eternal’ changing.

3.  To inform the general public/internet community.

4.  To promote a country or countries in matters of tourism or its own culture and life style.

5.  Whilst this isn’t the main purpose of this site, it is ‘a’ purpose and that is to promote products or services regardless whether the product(s) or services(s) are given freely OR as a paid service or both. Not everything about/on this website is about ‘making money’, in fact 99% of this website and blog is merely to inform and therefore provided as a ‘free’ service though it isn’t free for the writer.

6.  For the website to function as a ‘contact point’ for friends and family all over the world.