This links page will feature links that I use personally. You are welcome to use them too should you so wish.  The links will be added gradually and it is never complete, only updated from time to time. Some of the links are in the form of images but when clicked on, you will be directed to the main website or page that the image(s) are linked to. Some the links are in word/text form.

South African Tourism & Radio Stations:

Online radio stations in South Africa. (Click on the image below which contains the link.)

24 Hours of Wow! – One of the best tourism websites of South Africa, if not the best in the world. (Click on the image below which contains the link.) – The Official Tourism Website of South Africa. (Click on the image below which contains the link.)


Some links below pertaining to Vegetarianism/Veganism when it comes to the Noahide faith and/or Judaism:

(PLEASE NOTE: In order for me not to be accused of leading fellow Noahides/Noachides/B’nei Noach astray when it comes to the teachings of the Noahide faith (according to Orthodox Judaism), kindly take note that the views contained in the page links below are NOT mainstream according to the Noahide faith or in the majority of the adherents to Orthodox Judaism. Kindly be aware of this. They are however my personal views which are not purely based on ‘religious’ views alone although that is only a part of why I personally do not eat meat most of the time. If my readers REALLY want to know, it is both on firstly, compassionate & moral grounds & love for ALL animals, and THEN religious reasons, not the other way around.)

Being a Vegan –

Judaism and Vegetarianism –

What’s Jewish about a Vegan Diet? – 

Frequently Asked Questions (With Answers) on Jewish Teachings on Vegetarianism and Veganism: – 

A Vegetarian View of the Torah – 

Veganism and the Jewish Dietary Laws – 

National Public Holidays:

South African National Public Holidays –

Chinese National Public Holidays –