How To Use This Website.

When any of the top main ‘mother’ links are clicked on, you will be taken to that part or page of the website. The information provided on these pages means that these pages are static and the information on these pages remains the same and rarely changes. (Most websites have pages like this (and if they have a blog as well).  It is their blog that is constantly and continuously changing and evolving much like this site does as well. When you click on the main logo and name of the website, you will be taken to the ‘home page’ or the main landing page that visitors end up on when trying to access this website and blog. (See the animated gif image below).

How to use websites animated image

In contrast, whenever any of the side links are clicked, these connect you to the blog. It is here that you are able to access the ‘heart’ of the entire website (see image below).  As stated earlier, it is the blog part of the website that is always busy, always changing, always getting updated, and always evolving.

How to use the blog part or section of the website