How To Register

This page tells you how to register for a username and password.

Registering for a username and password has the benefit of allowing access to my website for additional but private content that I do not wish for the internet public to see except for people that I know personally and for family, friends and loved ones.

So how do you go about doing it?:

Step 1 – Scroll down to the bottom of the page whilst checking out on the right-hand side for the Sub Heading called “Meta” and look for the small heading called ‘Register’ that is under it. Check out the animated screen pic below to show you. 

Step 2 – Click on it, and create your username and password and hit the ‘Register’ button beneath it.

Step 3 – Wait for your email as registrations are done manually and not automatically.

Step 4 – When the email arrives, comply with its instructions.

If you have not received any email, kindly check your junk mail or spam folder.

If you still have not received anything, you may either contact me through Facebook or via my email at admin at

Step 5 – If you have not received a response within 24 hours (maximum of 48 hours) saying your registration has been approved (as all registrations are manually approved), it is usually because of spam bots and fake registrations and people NOT responding to the emails I sent them. Please respond and reply to emails you receive from me. This way, I can ensure that the ‘people’ who are registering are genuine and not spambots.