The 2018 Shenyang Spring Festival Lantern Show

Event: The 2018 Shenyang Spring Festival Lantern Show.
Venue: Shenyang Botanical Garden.
Cost of ticket/Entrance Fee: RMB 80 per person.
Until: The end of February month 2018.
Contact Details/WeChat: Refer to the WeChat address/ID and also the WeChat QR code … Read the rest

‘Little Sheep Cafe’ in Shenyang

Name of the Restaurant: (Chinese / PinYin): Not Applicable. (English) : Little Sheep Cafe

Location / Address:  辽宁省沈阳市和平区南四经街100号1-2门 / Liáoníng shěng shěnyáng shì hépíng qū nán sì jīng jiē 100 hào 1-2 mén / Liaoning Province, Heping District, South Fourth … Read the rest

Table Mountain Cableway Information Guide

Received this at the entrance of the above-mentioned venue when I visited there in April 2016. Whilst I have done you a favour by uploading this brochure, I am not responsible for any outdated or inaccurate information. Use at your … Read the rest

Boulder’s Penguin Colony, Simon’s town, Cape Town, South Africa.

A photo shot of the brochure/pamphlet I received from the above-mentioned establishment (when I visited there in April 2016) for the benefit of my readers and for future possible potential visitors. Kindly allow time for the images to download.

Boulders Penguin Colony

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A Visit to Shenshuiwan Park (沈水湾公园/Chénshuǐ wān gōngyuán) in Shenyang.

These are photos I took at a park (Shenshuiwan Park : 沈水湾公园 / Chénshuǐ wān gōngyuán)  in Shenyang.  They had a flower show so I availed myself of the opportunity to take photos of the flowers. More details about the Read the rest