ShengJing Claypot Restaurant, (Changbai branch) / 盛京久食玖砂锅煲长白店保

Name of the Restaurant:

Chinese / PinYin Name: 盛京久食玖砂锅煲长白店保 ( Shèngjīngjiǔ shí jiǔ shāguō bāo zhǎngbái diàn bǎo)

English Name: ShengJing Claypot Restaurant, (Changbai branch)


Location / Address: 辽宁省沈阳市长白北路33号15门 /  (Liáoníng shěng shěnyáng shì zhǎngbái běi lù 33 hào 15 … Read the rest

Table Mountain Cableway Information Guide

Received this at the entrance of the above-mentioned venue when I visited there in April 2016. Whilst I have done you a favour by uploading this brochure, I am not responsible for any outdated or inaccurate information. Use at your … Read the rest