White South Africans denied asylum – despite death threat against young daughter.

Bob, Betty and their daughter Dora, 6, live in the rural countryside of southern Sweden. Since their arrival there, they have worked and paid taxes, never been on welfare and never been a burden to society. But they are not wanted. As white South Africans they have no chance of being granted asylum, even though their story is truly blood-curdling.

– I think the decision is political, says Bob.

Click on this link to be taken to the full story about Bob, Betty and Dora.

Comment by Wayne: This is another case of the world turning a blind eye to the plight of white South Africans because they cannot or rather refuse to believe the hell that most white South Africans have to go through day in and day out. One day, the world will have to answer whether they like it or not. Everyday there are all sorts of the worst crimes imaginable happening to white South Africans and this has already been exposed on numerous occasions to the world and yet they still pretend ignorance. The common response to this is that ‘crime affects South Africans of all races’ OR that ‘crime affects most blacks’, this is true but then to those who say this, ‘Where are you when white South Africans were being attacked, raped, murdered and being victims of hate crimes and God knows what else happens’. Why do you not raise your voices in the media about this? White people are expected to raise their voices when people of other races are affected by similar crimes but people of other races don’t for the most part make their voices heard when it comes to these same crimes (and a HELL of a lot worse I might add!) being committed against the white minority. According to StatsSA’s Mid-year population estimates for South Africa by population group and sex, 2017, there is currently approximately just under four and a half million white South Africans against a black majority of approximately forty-five million, six hundred and fifty six thousand. With this in mind, are we expected to keep quiet about these gross deliberate atrocities being committed against us who are so small in comparison to the black majority? What would the black population do if these deliberate crimes were committed against them and they were the minority? Is it not a cause for concern that a minority race group in the country is being led to the slaughter on a daily basis and being deliberately targeted or do you believe the mainstream media narrative that all is well and hunky dory? I don’t see them (the black majority) raising their voices like most white South Africans do BUT when the whites do, then suddenly the black majority have something to say and the best they can see and say is that crime affects them as well. 

With regard to the link to the above mentioned story, should it not be a surprise then that Sweden is still buddy buddies with SA given the fact that they literally endorsed, rubber stamped and supported the ANC with massive finances during the apartheid era when the ANC was underground and causing a lot of mischief. They still are very best friends and claim to not see anything wrong being done by the current ANC regime in SA. Obviously by granting asylum to these white South Africans, it would, as the article says, raise the ire of the ANC and cause not only criticism but very possibly a severing of a friendship that has been in existence for decades. What’s more, they would be seen as hypocrites not only in the eyes of the ANC government but also of the rest of the world. They would literally be making fools of themselves and would also be implicating themselves and admitting to being an accessory to the white genocide currently taking place. They would literally be forced to admit this.

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