What a teacher has to put up with in South Africa. Teachers are even getting murdered by their students.

This I believe is the result of two things happening. (1.) The parents not instilling values, respect and discipline in their homes and being lazy and leaving it up to the schools to do. It is not the school’s responsibility to do this and besides, it is already too late to deal with cos the kids are of mature age. (2.) The interference of the law in the home and the banning of corporal punishment (it should be allowed to use within reason), erosion of teachers rights and the elevation and increase of children’s rights. If corporal punishment is as bad as people say it is, why am I as well as hundreds if not thousands of people of my generation not dead as a result? CP did us a world of good and IF IT IS DONE CORRECTLY like it was done when I was a child, there can be no harmful effects. The problem these days is that kids are spoilt rotten and have their own way too much. Then when we want them to do something or expect them to take responsibility, all hell breaks loose. The key is starting them when they are young kids way before their teen aged years, NOT waiting till they hit their teens and THEN decide to take action. It is already TOO LATE! Wake up! 

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