Taxi driver arrested after going viral for driving on wrong side of the road.

Click on the image below to be taken to the article on the News24.Com website.

Comment by Wayne:

The police ought to be commended for doing what they are paid to do BUT they still delayed in doing their job when they were supposed to. Action was taken only because the traffic department had no choice but to arrest the driver. Why? Cos the bike rider said that he had sent ‘countless’ of similar videos to the department but nothing transpired. Only since he shared this latest video on Facebook was action then taken. Go figure. Surprise, surprise.  Why wait till you have been exposed? Again, someone is not doing their job. Not good enough. Since they ARE the law they SHOULD and MUST be held accountable to a higher standard than the ordinary citizen and therefore punishment against them (if any) should be even harsher.

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