Chuanjiang Community Health Service Centre in Shenyang, China (For Rabies Vaccinations and Related Vaccinations).

Contact Particulars: Reflected on the business card of the above centre. (Images are below this written article). An image has been taken of the card (both sides) for your convenience. It has also been ‘translated’ for your convenience. Courtesy of Dr Google.

Details about the place: It appears that this is literally the only place in the whole city of Shenyang that is authorized to offer rabies vaccinations as well as related vaccinations. They are also open 24 hours and not as shown on their card below. Please be informed that ALL the hospitals and clinics in Shenyang DO NOT have these types or kinds of vaccinations which I thought was weird cos in my country, all the hospitals do but this is China. Please be aware of this.

Contact details in respect of their Wechat, telephone numbers and address are also on the card as can be seen on the images below.

Late on Sunday evening last weekend, I got bitten on my arm by my dog due to no fault of his fault. It happened whilst I was walking him at around 10pm in the evening. He was aggravated by me restraining him (as he is small) from running to other much larger dogs being walked in the apartment compound without a leash.

My wife in a panic knew that all the clinics were nearby and were closed, she then rushed me to SanHao Street at the main hospital there. Remember this was very late at night already. We were told that they did not have the vaccinations that I needed and that there was only one clinic that could do it. They were not very helpful in giving details about where the place was or its contact details. They could only give a ‘name’. My wife tried in vain to call many places and all of them said the usual ‘sorry’ in Chinese. They were also closed and some were not even answering their phones.  So here I was walking around like a lost fart outside this hospital with my arm bleeding and my wife frustrated, angry and worried. I was too.

We then hailed down a taxi and told him our predicament. He said he knew the place. Am not sure if this was an angel in disguise or what but he led us directly to this place and super fast as well.

By now it was already 11pm or so. We entered the place and had the wound cleaned. I was given an injection directly into the wound, another in my arm (where they usually give injections) and three were given on the back of my shoulder and it was flipping painful. I had to pay RMB 2,600 for 10 injections and have to go for one every few days. One injection is for every 10 kilograms that you weigh. In the arm, top of your shoulder.

So in the future, should any of you have the misfortune of being bitten, the contact details and particulars of the clinic have been shared with you. Remember that speed is also of the essence cos one will never know if the dog has rabies or some sort of disease and your life could depend on it. You will not need to go through the hell I went through trying to find the place.

Details translated from the card:

(Side 1)

CDC Prevention Site-directed Vaccination Outpatient (Chuanjiang Community Health Service Station) Tetanus Human Immunoglobulin Rabies Immunoglobulin Human Rabies Vaccine Human Serum Albumin Mobile Phone: 187-0401-4558 138-8917-8822 Address: Shenyang Yuhong District Songshan Road and Chuanjiang Street Interchange 200 meters southbound.

(Side 2)

Medicare designated medical units Business hours: early 8:00 to late 20:00 Direct navigation: Chuanjiang Community Health Service Station.

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