Secunda home owner catches pedestrian who hurls rocks at dog on camera. (South Africa)

SECUNDA – Mr Marius Lessing shared on a Whatsapp group this video clip from the CCTV camera at his house in Kallie Brits Street, Ext 22, yesterday, 7 May of a pedestrian hurling what are presumed to be rocks at Mr Lessing’s dog.

The Labrador was barking at the man in the street. The man then walked up to the gate and hurled objects at the dog. The animal cowered away but was pelted again. The man then threatened again to throw something at the dog. 

Mr Lessing said he encountered this man before when the person came to beg for money and food. “He said his baby needed milk.”
Ms Petro Naude said that the same man stopped her in the street in Ext 22 yesterday. “I felt almost threatened to such an extent that I gave him money to leave me alone.” She said he identified himself as Ivan.

“I have encountered him before.”

Another woman said he approached her at the Palms.

This man has also been begging at homes in Cornelia Street near Highveld Park High School and has been identifying himself as Ivan.
Mr Lessing said the man’s body language and demeanor show that he was aggressive and was out to hurt the dog. He warned home owners to be alert and to protect their animals from this man.

Comment by Wayne: What amazes me is that ‘they’ have the nerve and audacity to even do this. It shows that they have another intention, perhaps to come onto the property? I mean why even try to stone a dog? The dog is on it own property and not doing anything wrong. Die ‘man’ beter opas. Why can’t these ‘people’ if we can call them that just leave us alone? No wonder people are leaving the country and establish towns like Orania. Can’t live with ‘people’ who do not know how to behave themselves like most people do. Then they (criminals) want to call them ‘racists’ just because they want to live amongst themselves and only associate with their people. If they had half a brain, they would ask themselves why instead of complaining and telling them to leave the country just because other people live and think differently to them. What has my country come to? Whatever happened to tolerance and respect for other people, their property, their views and life style?

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