This is war! Zuma, Gupta bots target UK enemy #1: Peter Hain, campaigner for SA justice.

EDINBURGH — Bell Pottinger collapsed into oblivion after being exposed for running a dirty campaign on the social media to discredit critics of President Jacob Zuma and his friends, the Guptas – but the Zupta bots are still highly active. Lord Peter Hain, UK campaigner for justice in South Africa in the apartheid era as well as now as kleptocracy takes hold, has been targeted. As usual, the Zuptabots are spewing out fake facts and making comments aimed at painting a Zupta critic as racist. Lord Hain is far from racist. He actively fought against apartheid, as did his parents. Recently he urged UK and EU authorities to probe bank accounts connected to the Zuma and Gupta families in connection with moneylaundering on an industrial scale. BizNews won’t repeat the Tweets smearing Hain. Instead, we share his personal potted history. Lord Hain evidently cares deeply about South Africa. The same can’t be said for the ANC leaders and their friends who have taken control of state entities and have been using them for their own, personal enrichment ends. Ironically, in 2015 President Jacob Zuma awarded Lord Hain a medal for his contribution to the freedom struggle. – Jackie Cameron

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