Dàrùnfā / Darunfa Supermarket / RT Mart

PinYin & Chinese name of Establishment: Dàrùnfā / 大润发

English Name:  Darunfa Supermarket / RT Mart

PinYin & Chinese address:

Nanjing S St / Nanjing Nan Jie 南京南街, Heping Qu, Shenyang Shi, Liaoning Sheng, 110016 (See images below):

Map of the location of Danrunfa (RT Mart)


Hours & Days of Operation: See image below.

Telephone Number(s):  024 2358 5602

The cost of Entry:  Not Applicable for this post.

What is being offered:  There are free buses in operation of each branch of RT Mart. They will take you to RT Mart and back home again at certain scheduled times.

Comments/Review about the establishment: Good. There are also 4 branches of RT Mart (including this one) all over Shenyang but due to time constraints, these cannot all be listed here. It is sufficient to state that RT even exists in Shenyang even though this franchise is popular literally over China in almost every single city in the country.  There is also a section for imported food in RT Mart and common food known to most foreign expats though the prices are a little more expensive, some more than what you would pay for in your own country and some less, it all depends on what the product is.

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