Shǒu zhuā bǐng and Jīdàn bǐng

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The foods represented below are known as the following:

These ones in particular were purchased from this dear lady (shown below) who works from her mobile food cart, (almost all day) and makes these as well as some other Chinese forms of ‘breakfast’.

Video 1

Video 2

Though the Chinese usually have these ‘cakes’  for breakfast, it isn’t the only type of breakfast they have but these are popular and probably on a par with the American hot dog.

These mobile food carts can be found on almost virtually every street corner and they make all sorts of goodies for the Chinese who are either on their way to or from work.  These can of course also be eaten at any time of the day and not only during the mornings.

Below are some shots of some other food carts that were a mere 5 minutes walk of each other:

The approximate selling price for each cake which is made to order is: Yuan/RMB 5.

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