Introduction to Reading Chinese.

This series of characters will amount to approximately 3,300 Chinese characters. In this series I have made animated gif images from a Chinese Learning software which I purchased in China and has been an immense help in me trying to master such a difficult language. If my guess is correct, this is exactly the same software that is used to teach Chinese children how to read Chinese. Though the English explanations will be riddled with English grammatical and spelling errors, at least one can understand (for the most part) what is trying to be conveyed and taught.  You will see why Chinese is known as a picture language. Some characters can be easily grasped whilst others will be difficult.

Enjoy this series as I have compiling it.

For the Chinese visitors who visit my site, please be so kind as to point out my errors should you encounter any though I am sure you will. 🙂 Thank you so much!

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